Upcycle Your Kid’s Old Rain Boots & Turn Them Into Cute Planters


We all know rain boots keep our feet dry in the rain, but did you know they can be upcycled into the most adorable DIY rain boot planters? While I purged most of my kids’ old shoes when they outgrew them, I kept their rain boots. I’m so happy I did. Now, the bright yellow boots sit on my front porch, and they are a happy dose of sunshine for me. They hold sentimental value because my youngest son wore them every day, plus it was a fun project to work on with my kids and teach them how to properly plant.

Rain or shine, this DIY rain boot project is a must do. Want to make your own rain boot planters? Here’s how:



  • Rain boots, new or used
  • Dirt
  • Pebbles
  • Flowers



Step 1: Drill a hole on the bottom of the rain boots for water drainage. If a drill is not accessible, try to poke holes with a knife. This part of the project is for adults only.



Step 2: Spray paint the rain boots if you are using used ones. Let the boots dry.


Step 3: Fill the boots with a thin layer of pebbles first (so they are bottom heavy), and then dirt. Fill them with dirt about half-way up.




Step 4: Insert the flower in the boots, and carefully push it down. Fill the remaining space with dirt.


Step 5: Water it, set it in the sunshine, give it some TLC, and watch it grow. Enjoy!