Ever Wonder About Those Giant Bows in Car Commercials?

We see them every year; giant bows attached to luxury cars in commercials that pull at our heartstrings and make us all wish for some flashy new wheels in the driveway on Christmas morning. But forget the car for a second, have you ever wondered what’s up with those giant iconic bows? It turns out those dining room table-sized bows are made right here in the US and they have a bit of a story.

The King Size Bows, Inc., company was actually started by a mum looking for a giant bow. Jan Kingaard was trying to find a giant bow to affix to a car she purchased for her daughter, Amber Kingaard Hughes but since such a thing wasn’t available in the marketplace, she designed one herself. Now, the internationally renowned company that is famous for putting giant bows on fancy cars and even buildings is run by the creative mother-daughter team out of Costa Messa, California.



The company got a major break in 1998 when they were featured in a Lexus commercial that you might still remember. Known as the “December to Remember” commercials, the car company used one of the King Size Bows to give the car some holiday charm. Viewers went wild and the commercial became an instant holiday commercial hit. It also helped launch Lexus car sales into the stratosphere and made December the second most successful month in terms of car sales for the company, August is the most lucrative month.

There really is something whimsical and even amazing about seeing a giant bow on anything, which is why it’s exciting that we now know where to go to buy one of those marvelous bows. The King Bows company takes orders, people. For real, you can order your very own giant bow and it can be made to your own specs ranging from two feet all the way to monstrously huge 12 feet big. What’s more, you can choose colours and even materials. Check out their site here for more information.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling inspired but you don’t have anything big enough for such a giant bow then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these fun gift-wrapping ideas.

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