How to Make Giant Holiday Bows

Our family loves the Christmas season and loves being surrounded by the smell of pine trees, never-ending garlands and ornaments galore! We like to bring a little magic to our house by making oversized bows to decorate the windows and overhangs in our house. You can create an oversized felt bow in any colour or create a shiny and sparkly bow out of deco mesh. All you really need is the material and some wire and you’re ready to go! 


Here’s how to decorate your home for Christmas with Disney-style giant bows.



  • 2 pieces of felt – 180 cm wide x 60 cm long
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • galvanized steel wire – 18 gauge (15 metres)
  • scissors & wire cutters




Step 1: Fold one of the pieces of felt accordion-style into fourths. 


Step 2: Measure 15 cm  from each edge of the “open” end of the folded felt. Draw two lines connecting the corners of the folded end to the 15 cm marks. Cut through all four layers using those lines. 


Step 3: Unfold the felt and begin measuring enough wire to glue to the top and bottom edges of this piece of the bow. Once you’ve cut the wire, attach it using hot glue. 

Step 4: To make the top of your bow, fold one of the ends of the felt back to meet in the middle so that the wire is in the inside of the bow. Secure it with hot glue. Repeat with the other end of the felt. 

Bow Tails


Step 5: Fold the other piece of felt in half so that your felt measures 90 cm  x 60 cm. Using one of the long edges on one edge of the ribbon tails, use a ruler to draw a tail that is 25 cm long at the top and extends out 40 cm at its widest point. Cut through both layers using that line.  

Step 6: Measure enough wire to glue to all but the top edge of the bow tails. Once you’ve cut the wire, attach it using hot glue. 

Step 7: Cut a 12 cm x 17 cm  piece of felt from the remaining scraps. Scrunch your bow tightly in the middle and then wrap this piece around the center of the bow and hot glue it to secure.


Step 8: Attach the bow and bow tails together with hot glue. Use an extra piece of wire to create a loop hanger through the center piece. Fluff out your bow using the wire to bend it as you like, and hang your bow prominently in the house. 

Do you go all-out to decorate the house at Christmas?

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