These 29 Indoor Games Will Occupy Your Kid For Hours

Rainy days with stir-crazy kids can make us all climb the walls. Even children who love TV and movies can only watch so many shows until they’re ready to do something, anything else. And despite the fact that your house is practically bursting with toys, toys and more toys, it can get a little been-there, done-that after just a few days stuck inside.

So, the next time you’re trapped at home with nothing to do, try one of these amazingly fun and creative indoor games for kids!

A fun rainbow activity for kids

1. Ice tower excavation

Freeze rainbow-coloured trinkets in a long container filled with water. Then, give your kids squeezy bottles, salt and eye droppers that they can use with warm water to dig out the treasures.

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Photo: Fun At Home With Kids

Button Snake with felt and ribbon

2. Button snake

Take a ribbon and sew a button onto one side. Then, give your kids colourful pieces of felt to string along the ribbon, creating a snake.

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children playing inside DIY playhouses

3. DIY playhouse

Indoor playhouses can be incredibly expensive, with some costing several hundred dollars. With cardboard boxes, decorative paper and some imagination, you and your kids can create cool indoor playhouses on the cheap!

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Claw-Grabbing Pegs

4. Claw-grabbing pegs

Strengthen your tot’s fine motor skills, encouraging him to grab as many small pom-poms as he can with a peg.

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Shaving Cream Paint

5. Shaving cream paint

Using shaving cream and food colouring, create foamy, fluffy paints for him to use in the bath.

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Child playing with a DIY newspaper fort

6. Newspaper forts

If you still get the newspaper delivered to your house, consider saving them to use on a rainy day. By rolling up the paper, your kid can create the frame for a cool fort.

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Play to Go - Dinosaurs

7. Play in a box

Turn a shoe box into a portable dinosaur play station with free printables and some imagination. There are loads of ideas for making all kinds of boxes: doll’s house, farm, craft box and more. When the rain puts an end to outdoor play, grab a play box and you’re sorted.

Get the tutorial and printables on Mumtastic.

Image: Patchwork Cactus

Stained Glass Art

8. Stained glass art

Using cellophane shapes and soapy water, your kids can temporarily paste colours to the window, creating stained-glass designs.

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Photo: What Do We Do All Day

Exploding Car Wash

9. Exploding car wash

Throw bicarb soda into a tray, and have your kids use it as a snowy track or construction site for their cars. Then, when they’re finished, dump in some vinegar and watch the whole thing bubble over.

Get the how-to at What Do We Do All Day.

Photo: What Do We Do All Day

Homemade Playdough

10. Homemade play dough

With flour, water, cream of tartar and food colouring, you can easily make your own dough.

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Photo: Musings from a Stay at Home Mum

Paper Collages

11. Paper collages

Cut out scraps of paper in various shapes and use them to create colourful collages.

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Measuring the House Game

12. Measuring the house

Work on your children’s maths skills with these printable worksheets that encourage kids to measure everyday items and rooms in their house.

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Matching Pairs Hide-and-Seek Game

13. Matching pairs hide and seek game

Fill a tub with rice and then hide matching pairs of everyday items inside, instructing your preschooler to find each set.

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Photo: The Imagination Tree

Masking Tape Speedway14. Masking tape speedway

For this indoor game, have your kid create his own racetrack — over and under furniture, down stairs — using masking tape. He can make a speedway that spans the whole house if he feels like it.

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Rainbow Cake Baking

15. Rainbow cake baking

Wet days are perfect for baking, but you can draw out the activity even further by making it a rainbow swirl cake.

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Photo:  In Katrina’s Kitchen