5 Common Holiday Meltdown Scenarios (& How to Avoid Them)

I find it funny (or really, not so funny) how much effort we, as parents, put into to planning memorable, beyond-fun family getaways for our kids, yet my kids’ happiness and excitement can unravel so quickly over something so small. Our most recent holiday meltdown involved a bug bite that would not stop itching. What I thought was just a run-of-the-mill nuisance ended up being a full-blown “this-vacation-is-ruined-take-me-home-immediately” scene. You’d have thought my son had just been lit on fire, it was that dramatic. Then, once we jumped that hurdle, tangled beach hair combined with a sensitive head had me about thisclose to reaching for the electric razor and just shaving it all off.

I have no delusions that family holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but I do still want to savour those cherished moments away from work when we can be together with no pressing agenda.


Well, to save your kids—and yourself—from a few common holiday meltdown scenarios, consider packing these travel-sized “life” savers. I promise these five key products will save you from a meltdown. I never head out on holiday with my kids without them.

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