The Most Popular Family Holiday Destinations in 2016

My husband and I have always loved to travel, but ever since having our first child together almost two years ago, the destinations (or at least the agendas) have shifted. With kids in tow, it’s important to think about more than fine food and gorgeous scenery, although we still care about those things, too. Fun is always on the agenda, of course, but so are ease and convenience. And a little R&R for us parents is also important.

Nowadays, we plan our family holidays around our current needs as parents—that means there has to be a lot to do that will interest and excite our kids without boring us to tears. It also means that kids need to be not only welcome but also celebrated. After all, we might be footing the bill, but it’s her vacation, too! I polled family, friends, and fellow mums from all over the country to put together a must-see hit list of the best family holiday destinations of 2016. Here’s what we’re loving now…check out the most popular family holiday destinations in the slideshow.