10 Breakfast Salads to Kickstart Your Morning

For some reason, the consumption of lettuce has been mostly relegated to the afternoon and evening hours… but that shouldn’t be the case! Quite the contrary, in fact. Greens are a healthy base for breakfast, providing your body with vitamins and nutrients that will start your day off on the right foot. And no, we’re […]


Easy 3-Ingredient Pancakes are the Answer to Busy Mornings

If they could, most kids wouldn’t mind having pancakes or waffles for breakfast every single day. Unfortunately, pancakes can be time consuming to make on busy mornings and they’re not usually the healthiest everyday breakfast. Enter 3-ingredients pancakes! These super easy 3-ingredient pancakes are the answer to both of those problems! Made with mashed bananas […]


These Banana Bread Scones Are Easy Morning Treats

One of the most common #MomGoals is to simplify our mornings. And having breakfast at the ready will increase the chances of that happening. Enter the simple scone. It’s easy to eat, portable, tastes good – all the makings of an easy breakfast. These banana bread scones have all the same flavor as classic banana […]

Sweet Potato

My Easy Peasy Sweet Potato Pikelets

You’ll be surprised there’s no flour in these pikelets because the texture is SO YUMMY. I often make up a huge batch and freeze them for school snacks and serve them for for a supercharged brekkie with a smoothie on the side. You’ll find the babes are really full after these because of the protein […]


Here’s The Only Acai Bowl Recipe You Need

  Lately, acai bowls have supplanted kale chips as the health food world’s biggest nutritional darling. So what’s an acai bowl? It’s kind of like an acia berry smoothie topped with fruit, nuts, muesli, and seeds. Acai bowls can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a healthy snack, yet they’re sweet enough to also be considered dessert. […]


Best Ever Chocolate Babka Muffins

I always try to include my kids when I bake something. Recently, I decided to graduate from making simple brownies and sheet cakes to trying out recipes with yeasted dough. I’ve been drooling over photos of chocolate swirled babka on Pinterest and instagram for the last month or two and I decided to pull the […]


15 Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches to Help You Win the Morning

We all want to make a habit of eating a real breakfast more often, but busy mornings can prevent that from becoming a reality. There’s a solution for this and it comes down to what you can make ahead of time. I’m talking low-effort, big-impact make-ahead breakfast sandwiches that deliver a week of meals or […]