SPF Cover-Up + 7 More Products That Help Protect Kids from the Sun

It’s that time of year when my kids are outside more than they’re inside. We like to spend our days swimming, playing on the beach, picnicking at the park, and running around in the backyard. I love the fact that we’re not stuck inside all the time. There’s so much more to do when the weather is beautiful and we can make the most of the outdoors!

Of course, with all that fun in the sun comes the need to protect them from harmful UV rays.  And, here’s the good news: There’s more that I can do than limiting their time in the sun and making sure that they’re wearing sunscreen. There are lots of products that help protect kids from the sun, and by using a few of them I can give my kids extra protection when they’re outdoors. Here are my favourites. Did I miss any of yours? Let me know in the comments section!


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