How To Make Padsicles For Postnatal Healing

When I found out I was pregnant the first time I immediately started researching, planning, and spending lots of time getting ready for the baby and for the labour that would come with having that baby. I registered for things we would need. I took a birthing class. I packed a hospital bag. But there was one area that I didn’t think much about because no one really talks much about it — how to be prepared to care for my lady parts after I delivered.

I mean, I knew a baby would be coming out of my vagina, but I didn’t realise all of the issues that can pop up and what the postnatal healing would be like. So I thought I would help some mummas out and share a DIY that really helps with postnatal healing. Introducing the postnatal padsicle!

The DIY Postnatal Padsicle is so helpful with healing because of the ingredients you use, which I’m sharing below, and the cold therapy it provides. So if you’re having a baby I highly recommend making a big batch of these, or pin for your future baby plans if you’re not yet pregnant.

What You’ll Need:

  • Maxi Pads (I like the thick ones with wings for the first few weeks)
  • Witch Hazel
  • Aloe Vera Gel (make sure it is 100 percent pure with no colour added)
  • Lavender Oil (optional)
  • Freezer bags

DIY padsicle 2DIY padsicle 3DIY padsicle 4


  1. Partially unwrap the number of pads you want to make, being sure to leave the wrapper attached. If using pads with wings, remove the paper that holds wings in place but save to reattach after you apply the ingredients.
  2. Squeeze aloe vera gel generously up and down the pad, covering the entire length of the pad.
  3. Pour 1 tsp of witch hazel down the center of the pad. Don’t pour directly from the bottle, as it tends to come out fast. Instead measure into a measuring spoon or use a medicine syringe.
  4. Add a few drops of lavender oil up the centre of the pad.
  5. Rewrap the pad (and place paper back on refolded wings if using pads with wings).
  6. Fill a freezer bag with prepped pads and put in the freezer. Remove one by one as needed for postnatal healing.

I also made a Postnatal Bathroom Survival Kit on my blog that you can check out here for any of your other postnatal “issues.” These would also work great inside a postnatal healing brace like the Mama Strut, which I shared in my postnatal essentials round-up for Mumtastic (I used it after my third baby and loved it).

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