Why You Should Consider A Personalised Vitamin Plan In 2021

It’s no secret at all that generally, heading to the chemist and buying a bottle of multivitamins doesn’t do so much, other than technically making your pee that little bit more expensive.

That basically means that while your body will soak up the extra vitamins its lacking, the rest will otherwise go to waste. So, it’s kind of a luck of the draw.


Vitable is putting an end to this. The company is making personalised vitamins easier for us to get our little mitts on.

Here’s how it works. Vitable have created a very special, very easy online quiz. It takes five minutes and runs you through a bunch of questions. These help the platform work out what your health goals are, what your diet’s like, and has you share any of your lifestyle needs or medical conditions.

From there, you receive a customised report. The report details free recommendations for the vitamins, minerals, and herbs your body needs.

You can then opt to have Vitable provide everything you need to maintain your health goals going through 2021. That means: convenient daily packs, automatic monthly home deliveries, and the flexibility to update your plan whenever or book a free call with a clinical nutritionist.

The brand is big on shaking up the vitamin industry. They’re not into that whole ~one-size-fits-all~ approach — your body is unique and so should be your vitamin intake.

Vitable also reckon that taking all those vitamins shouldn’t be so much admin. That’s why they create grab and go vitamin packs.

As for the price, the Vitable team reckons your personalised vitamin plans come in at under $1 a day. Huge.

Vitable are so keen to help you nail your 2021 health resolutions they’re giving you 20% off your first three months when you use their cheeky discount code. Use NAIL2021 when you check out.

Head here to take the quiz.