This Kid-Friendly Food Company Is Fighting Climate Change

Admittedly when I started noshing away on Moonshot crackers I wasn’t paying attention to anything about the company or the founder’s background. I was drawn in by the bright, fun packaging and the yummy sounding flavors (Tomato Basil, Rosemary Garlic and Sourdough Sea Salt).

I also made note of the fact that the ingredients were clean. I’m perfectly fine with eating snack foods and serving them to my family, but I try to make sure the ingredients are “clean.” With so many amazing options out there, there really is no point in opting for Oreos and Lays. Moonshot’s wheat flour-based crackers are made using only ingredients that are pure, simple and organic. While they’re not a great source for vitamins and nutrients, they do have some protein and fibre and, as noted, the ingredients make them lightyears ahead of the standard afternoon noshes most of us grew up on.


But there’s more to the story.


Moonshot is the first explicitly climate-friendly snack brand. All of their crackers are made with regeneratively grown ingredients that help sequester more carbon in the soil. The carbon-neutral crackers are certified USDA Organic, kosher, plant-based, have no sugar added and are non-GMO. They’re also a certified WBENC woman-owned business and BIPOC-founded and owned.


According to research from the UN in 2019, approximately 25-30% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food production. Scientists believe that, if we do nothing to change how we produce our food, we will have just 60 years of topsoil left making it all the more important for brands like Moonshot to thrive.

It’s nice to know I did something good for the environment when I polished off an entire box all by myself yesterday…

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