Flirting With Fall Nail Colour

It never fails. The minute the calendar hits “August” no matter how hot it is outside thoughts turn to Back to School and Fall.

We may not be wearing jeans and sweaters yet, but our nails can dress the part.

I sometimes find myself in a colour rut – always going back to the same colours season after season. (Though I will admit I will never tire of OPI’s “I’m Not Really a Waitress”.)  But this season I’m stepping out and trying some new and unexpected hues.

Flirting With Fall Nail Color

Chanel Le Vernis “Peridot” Nail Colour. Drops of green and gold patina on every finger.

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Clothing trends don’t always translate to every body type, but nail colours fit everyone.  Nail colour is a small way to make a big impression and unlike a drastic new haircut, if you don’t like it? There’s polish remover.

Feel like getting spunky or dramatic with your nails but your office or organisation frowns upon stylistic expression?  Go wild on your toes. In those cold months they’ll be covered in flats or kicky heels or killer boots. It’ll be our secret.


Flirting With Fall Nail Color

NARS “Jungle Red” Nail Colour. Elegant on short nails, vampy on longer nails.

Flirting With Fall Nail Color

Essie “Over the Top” Nail Colour. A deep charcoal shimmer. 

Flirting With Fall Nail Color

Chanel Le Vernis “Particuliere” Nail Colour (#505). Richly taupe.


Flirting With Fall Nail Color

OPI “Espresso Your Style” – a deep, rich, shimmery chocolate and gold. See it in real life – it’s gorgeous.

What will be on your nails this season?  Will you dive into some interesting fall colours like a big pile of fall leaves?

First image via Marie Claire Magazine. Photo Credit Liz Von Hoene.  Nail color: OPI Russian Navy (matte)