This Easy DIY Makeup Brush Roll Is Essential For Travel

I’m so picky about my travel makeup cases. I hate wasted space, so I want to make sure that I’m taking the minimum amount of makeup and brushes that I need in order to keep my luggage compact. The best way to make sure that I get exactly what I want is to DIY my makeup storage, of course.

To make this DIY makeup brush roll I utilise a purchased napkin, keeping the effort and sewing to a minimum, since all edges are finished already! This is my essential travel accessory. It’s is a cinch to whip up to organise your travel makeup needs.  These would make easy, personalised bridesmaids’ gifts too.


  • 45 cm x 45 cm Napkin
  • 60 cm of 2 cm wide grosgrain ribbon
  • Sewing machine

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 2


Step 1: Using your brushes as a guide, flip up a side of the napkin so that your brush handles will be covered

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 3

Step 2: Pin in place on each side and sew up the side, using the existing stitching as a guide.  Sew both sides

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 4

Step 3: Start running a stitch down the folded side of the napkin, creating separate little compartments for each brush.  The distance between each line will depend on your brush sizes.

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 5

TIP***A general width for a powder or blush brush is 4 cm.  The eye shadow/contour brushes are a about 2-3 cm wide.

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 6

Step 4: Fold the top over so your brushes will be covered.  Press the fold.

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 7

Step 5: Find the centre of your ribbon

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 8

Step 6: Pin the ribbon on the front of the roll on the opposite side of the newly stitched rows.  Sew it on about an 2.5 cm from the edge.

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 9

Step 7: Place your brushes in their compartments and roll them up

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 10

Step 8: Tie your ribbon and away you go!

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 11

Enjoy! You can also make compartments for your mascara and eyeliners too!

Makeup Brush Roll - PIC 12

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