How To Maintain Your Hair Colour Longer

Every time I leave a hair appointment at the salon, I cringe on the inside at the price. Professional colour costs big bucks, and the fresh colour I walk out of the salon with sometimes goes dull after only a few weeks. SO not worth it. Taking a few hours of my precious mummy time to even get to the salon is usually struggle, so maintaining my hair colour as long as possible is crucial since I want to maximize the amount of time between salon visits. Here are five simple tips for how to maintain your hair colour post dye-job.

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1. Delay

Delay washing your hair; wait at least two days after your trip to the salon to get back to your routine hair washing. This will help the colour adhere and settle into your hair follicles.

2. Go sulfate-free

Use a sulfate-free shampoo. They are less harsh on the hair and include more natural ingredients. Most shampoos contain sulfates, but who has time to read ingredient labels? Check out Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Sulfate-Free Shampoo—it smells great and gives you a squeaky clean finish without stripping the colour from your lovely head. 

3. Deep condition

Condition your hair at least once a week. It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask will do the trick in locking in the colour and keeping it damage free and hydrated.

4. Wash with cold water

Brrrrr! I know…it doesn’t sound like very much fun having to wash your hair in cold water, but beauty is pain, honey! When you wash your hair with cold water, it closes your cuticles so your hair will hold the dye in while you wash it.

5. Get regular trims (even if you’re growing it out!)

Healthy hair absorbs colour better than dry, damaged hair, so keep it healthy by trimming the ends every five to six weeks, and give it a good deep conditioning. Although you might not want to trim your hair because you are growing it out, avoiding trims will cause bigger split ends, forcing you to cut your hair even shorter when you eventually do get it cut. 

How do you keep your hair colour in tip-top shape? What are your tricks?

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