Easy-to-Manage Short Haircuts That Don’t Scream “Mom”

My crazy-busy routine doesn’t allow for a lot of time to get ready in the AM. Before I cut my hair short, it went from a bun, to a wet braid, to a greasy ponytail all within a day—anything to get it out of my face. Not long after, I needed to just get with the program and I got my hair chopped off—something I never thought I’d do prior to getting pregnant.

Once cutting it short, I wanted to always maintain wash-and-wear hair that is flattering and, let’s be honest, a bit sassy. The number one criteria in my change-up is that it couldn’t look like “mum hair.”

If you’re in the same boat, these hairstyles are completely easy-to-manage, totally on-trend, and perfect for keeping your hair out of your face all day.

Jessica Alba’s Lob (Long Bob)

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Photo: Getty/Barry King

Why it works: With the length being a bit past the shoulders you can easily pull this lob into a chic ponytail. The longer layers frame any face shape in a really flattering way. Whether your hair is wavy, like Jessica’s, or straight, this look is great for wash-and-wear as well as a nice blow dry.  

Reese Witherspoon’s Asymmetrical Bob

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Photo: Getty/Jon Kopaloff

Why it works: With side-swept bangs and a soft, asymmetrical A-line bob, Reese keeps her straight locks chic with ease. This look is great in a wash-and-wear setting if you have straight hair, yet it can also be easily styled with a simple blow-dry and flat iron. Her soft fringe is nice too if you like to cover a bit of your forehead.  

Jennifer Lawrence’s Choppy Pixie

Short Haircuts That Don’t Scream “Mom”

Photo: Getty/D Dipasupil

Why it works: This is hands down the easiest do and has taken young Hollywood by storm. It’s a bold look, but wash-and-wear works in most any scenario, and this sassy cut can be jazzed up really any way you’d like. By keeping the front a bit longer you keep the look really versatile. You can sweep it all to the side with a deep side part for a sleek, classic look, or add some pomade for a fun edgy look. 

Julianne Hough’s Shag

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Photo: Getty/Jason Merritt

Why it works: This shoulder length choppy do is so easy that it’s basically the perfect haircut. With long wispy layers there aren’t any blunt edges, which makes it easy to go longer between trims. This cut can by tucked back into a ponytail or worn shaggy. For curly hair, wash-and-wear is a cinch, and for the straight-haired ladies this do is great with a twist of an iron to add texture.  

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