Tutorial: Holiday Party Ready Makeup in 5 Minutes

Between work, our friends, our kids’ friends and our family, we have about 15 festive gatherings this year that we somehow have to either dash around to every weekend or  politely bow out of in favour of some quality movie and popcorn time on the couch (the latter is sounding incredibly amazing at the moment). Either way, we will likely get to four or five of those parties. That, of course, means getting out of my active wear/tinted moisturizer/mascara “drop-off ready” routine and into something a little more glitz and glam. But who has an hour to spare to pile on gobs of makeup? I certainly don’t. 


Here’s a simple and quick tutorial to look holiday party ready and polished in just five minutes. You’ll look like you’re ready for a night out without looking like you tried too hard. The key is to just take your daytime makeup up a notch. Especially at the end of a busy day, if you’ve already got your “base layers” on (foundation and a little bit of makeup) from the workday, this tutorial is even quicker.  You’ll be perfectly chic with party ready makeup in five minutes.  

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  • A medium coverage foundation
  • Bronzer
  • Pink or rosy hued cheek colour
  • Deep-red long-wear liner and lip stain
  • Illuminator

party makeup


Step 1: Sweep foundation all over face and under eyes to create an even finish. Make sure to buff foundation down neckline and over ears for no harsh lines.

 party makeup

Step 2: Using a fan brush sweep bronzer under cheekbones to warm up skin and also create a subtle contour. Bring bronzer up to temples using your fan brush.  

party makeup

Step 3: Sweep blush on apples of cheeks.

party makeup

Step 4: Sharply apply liner to lips. Make sure to keep the line clean when using a bolder lip colour. It’s all about the lip!

party makeup

Step 5: If you’re not using a lip stain, colour on lips with a pencil to create a barrier. If you’re using long-wear colour apply it all over lip, making sure to keep outer lines. If you need to clean up any wiggles, go back in with liner and sharpen those up.

 party makeupparty makeup

Step 6: Lastly, apply creme illuminator to upper cheeks and temples. Blend well by patting with fingers.  

party makeup

Voila! You’re ready to wow at any soiree!

party makeup

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