PHOTOS: 5-Minute Hair Updo Tutorial (That’ll Stay All Day!)

Braids are still as hot as ever. It’s a style I love for medium to long hair, and this super easy braided five minute hair updo tutorial will keep you looking on point all day:


  • small comb
  • clear rubber bands
  • dry shampoo


Step 1: Start with either clean or dirty hair. Back comb a small section at the front of your hair for a little lift.

5 minute updo

Step 2: Section hair into three sections and begin french braiding down your head.

5 minute updo5 minute updo

Step 3: Continue braiding until you reach the low middle of your head.

5 minute updo

Step 4: Tie off your braid with a clear rubber band. Then bring up the rest of your hair securely and tie together with the braided ponytail to create one piece.

5 minute updo

Step 5: Take a small section of hair and wrap it around your rubber band to cover it.

5 minute updo

Step 6: Spray dry shampoo onto your ponytail and begin lightly back combing the ponytail to add texture.

5 minute updo

Step 7: Spray with hairspray and fluff as you desire.

5 minute updo

For more variation you can collect hair up into a messy bun at the nape of your neck or wrap the pony neatly up at the base for a cleaner look.

5 minute updoMore styles to try: