Hot Celebrity Hairstyles That Work for New Mums

It wasn’t until I had a baby that I realised new mum hair is basically an epidemic. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Just when you thought you powered through all the changes your body could handle in nine short months, nature sends you off on your way to motherhood with one more pesky little jab—ridiculously awkward hair. 

Yup, it’s true. Many mums often experience massive shedding, awkward bald spots and epically slow grow-back (in awkward little spikes around the crown, no less), for a few months after baby. 

When I finally dragged myself into the salon after having my daughter, I whispered the details of my pathetic new-mum hair epidemic to my amazing stylist. She looked at my spiky hairline, appeared totally unfazed by my crazy, new-mummy mane and broke out some epic knowledge on how to cover, conceal, and basically just get through the transition, all by using celebrity hairstyles as an example. 

It was priceless knowledge, and I would be the absolute worst mum if I didn’t share these amazing tips with you. So here it goes. You will be in it to pin it in no time…great celebrity hairstyles for new mums, by ingenious NYC hairstylist, Caroline Mitgang. 

Whispy Crop Cuts:

6 Hot Celebrity Hairstyles for 2015 (That Actually Work for New Mums!)

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Caroline says: “Julianne Hough’s short, whispy crop is perfect if your hair has a little natural texture so that you don’t have to do much, if anything, for it to have this cute, piecey look. It’s tempting to feel married to the idea of putting your hair back in a ponytail with a new little baby, but a shorter ‘do cuts way down on washing and drying time, while looking youthful, stylish, and effortless. (Steer clear of this look if your hair is stick straight and flat, as it will just hug tightly to your head and face unless you put major effort into styling.)”

Long Shag:

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

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Caroline says: “The long shag haircut is a really fun option, particularly if you have wavy hair. It’s a legit wash-and-go look that works best when you don’t blow it dry with a brush (aside from your fringe). Towel dry a little, spritz a dry texturising spray near the roots, and mess it up. It’s low maintenance and a little rock ‘n roll.”


FOX All-Star 2014 Winter TCA Party

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Caroline says: “If you’ve ever wanted to try a fringe, now is the time. Not every woman loses a noticeable amount of hair after having a baby, but if you do it’ll likely be in the least cute spot: the hairline right in front. When the hair begins to grow back it can look like a little “whispy fringe” anyway, so why not beat your baby hairs to the punch and cut a heavy fringe? This works best on straight and wavy hair. Stealing a quick minute to style your fringe is also a great cheat because it makes your whole head look more polished without doing a thing to the rest of your hair.”


21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

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Caroline says: Balayage highlights are a new mum’s best friend. If you have a few grays, highlights will help blend them away, and if you have fine or limp hair, highlights can add a little body and texture. They’re spaced further apart than typical foiled highlights, so as your hair grows and you find it difficult to get to the salon as often as you’d normally like, you’ll see that regrowth is significantly less pronounced and continues to grow into a sombre (soft ombre) look.”

Which leads her to…


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Caroline says: “Sombre! You’re a new mum, you’re not a mole person. With sombre you can have some chic colour in your hair that requires absolutely zero maintenance. Because the lighter strands of hair start nowhere near your scalp to begin with, you could realistically let it grow out forever. You’ll probably want to touch it up again because it’s great, but even if you can’t get to the salon for six months no one will be shooting you a side eye over your roots, because they’re part of the look. Some sunkissed strands make you look like you’ve been on holiday, not elbow deep in nappies.”

When in Doubt, Tease It!

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Caroline says: “In the case of almost every hair texture and almost every cut, teasing is the secret. Need a little body? Tease. Flyaways flying every which way? Teasing will keep it all from moving around. Wake up with flat, greasy roots? Spray a little dry shampoo and tease! We’re not talking about a beehive here, just grab small pinches of hair around the crown and whatever part you’ve given yourself, use a fine-toothed comb to lightly tease close to the root, then use the tips of your fingers to give yourself a little scalp massage that’ll settle the teased pieces into place and break them up, and finish with a dry hairspray.”

Major thanks to Caroline Mitgang at the ever-chic, yet chill Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa on the Upper East Side in NYC for sharing her expert celeb-inspired hairstyles for new mums.

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About Caroline: Caroline Mitgang is a hairstylist and colourist at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where her clientele know that when they’re in her chair she can chat about everything from the morning’s New York Times to The Real Housewives. In college she cut and coloured her own hair, the results of which gained her a few impromptu clients in neighbouring dorm rooms, and afterward as she toiled at a 9-to-5 she concluded that just maybe she should be doing hair for a living. Now a bunch of years later, she knocks out classic cuts and colou, or funky, unique styles that you’d find downtown and in Brooklyn where she lives, always maintaining as her top priority the condition and integrity of the hair. She’ll give you a hairstyle to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

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