7 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Brazilian Bikini Wax

I didn’t get my first professional bikini wax until I was 33 years old. For a long time I had been hesitant to get waxed at a salon, so the thought of not only going in for a professional wax, but then going completely bare, just seemed crazy. But I finally did it, and I love it.

Getting a Brazilian bikini wax puts my mind completely at ease when wearing any bikini or swimmers. It’s different from a traditional bikini wax because it removes all the hair from front to back. You can be left with a landing strip of hair, or opt for the Hollywood wax, where they remove everything.


If you’ve never done it before, a Brazilian bikini wax may seem intimidating. Put your mind at ease before heading out to the salon with these tips in the slideshow.

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