DIY Shower Jelly (Inspired By Lush Whoosh Shower Jellies)

If you’ve ever walked past a LUSH store, chances are you walked right in. It’s almost impossible NOT to be drawn in by the colour and the glitter and that delicious smell that just oozes out of the store. I’ve done my best to fight it, and have scoured the internet for shortcuts for copycat products that I can make at home. After doing some extensive soapy research, I found an easy recipe for making your own DIY shower jelly just like the ones you see at LUSH! Five bucks in supplies and a few hours in the refrigerator will get you the products that will make you all shiny and smelling good. Let’s do this.

white bowls green soap in measuring cups gelatine

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Supplies (per scent):

  • boiling water: ¾ cup
  • plain gelatin: 1 packet
  • salt: 1 tsp
  • shower gel or soap: ¾ cup (go for something affordable and with a mild scent)
  • food colouring: in colour of your choice
  • grapefruit essential oil (or other oil of your choice): 3 drops
  • fine glitter: for dusting
  • miniature Tupperware containers (one recipe makes 3 containers)


adding glitter to jelly mixture

Step 1: In a small bowl, slowly sprinkle the gelatin powder into the boiling water and stir to combine.

Step 2: Add the salt, and then the shower gel. Mix well.

Step 3: Add one drop of food colouring and stir.

Step 4: Add the glitter! The more the merrier when it comes to the glitz here.

stirring pink glitter into yellow liquid

Stir, stir, stir!

adding glitter to purple liquid mixture

Step 5: Repeat above steps with another scent and colour.

purple glitter soap in miniature tupperware containers

Step 6: Pour the mixture into the miniature tupperware containers and refrigerate for at least three hours.

hands holding purple soap

Step 7: Break out of the tupperware and wash up!

purple and yellow jelly soaps with glitterhands holding soapy purple round soap

All you have to do is add water and the suds will follow.

purple and yellow round soapsgumdrop shaped purple and yellow glitter soaps

hands holding a purple disc of soap

When you’re done using the shower jelly, just toss it right back into the tupperware until your next shower. These smell amazing and make cheap and fun presents. Who wouldn’t want to wash up with a little sparkle?

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Images: Lexy Ward