15 Adorable Disney Nail Art Ideas for Kids

If you’re planning a Disney themed party, or your kids just love the movies and like to dress up like their favourite Disney princesses, then you have to run with Disney nail art, too. I have two Disney loving girls and they don’t take their Disney lightly – my girls are in it to win it!

Here’s the problem with the nail polish art – between my beginner level skill (I was never the girl painting her own nails in college) and my kids’ unwillingness to sit still, I’m limited to the basics. Have you ever seen examples of really cool nail art on Pinterest? Yup – not in my wheelhouse. But most of the Disney inspired kids’ nail designs (with the exception of a few over-the-top manicures) that I have found are totally workable for sub-professional home manicurists and squirmy kids, and the more complex ones will thrill your ‘tweens. And they can do those with their friends!


Ready to try some DIY Disney nail art of your own? From pretty in pink princess designs to fun Minnie-cures, let these ideas inspire you:

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15 Adorable Disney Nail Art Ideas for Kids