15 Mums You Need to Be Following on Instagram

Being a mum can be a lonely venture. There are days when all I do is talk about Frozen, clean up bodily fluids and follow the instructions of two (surprisingly bossy) toddlers. Those are the days when I feed my Instagram fix. I take a gander at other mums’ lives, prettied up; I admire the courageousness of mums who are going through things I can’t begin to imagine; I laugh along with other mums who are also having a day of it—it’s a quick way to get perspective on my day and to remind me why we’re all doing this mum thing (for the money, obviously). 

I’ve rounded up twelve of my favourite mums on Instagram, who run the gamut from hilarious to inspiring. The one thing these Instagram mums all have in common? Totally adorable kiddos.

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