11 Inspiring Instagrammers That’ll Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

I have a pretty good track record with resolutions, mainly because I try to make them as fun as possible to ensure their completion. But, don’t let me fool you. Lurking in the back of my brain are all of the resolutions I’m pretty sure this is the year I’m finally going to make happen so I can start living the serene, healthy, stress-free life I know is just fifteen squats away

In order to help us on our journey, I’ve picked ten inspiring Instagrammers who, I’m sure, we’ll all follow while we appreciate the beauty of today’s sunset and gently stir our homemade, organic vegetable soup and admire our toned calves while listening to our children practice classical music on the viola. Or we’ll follow while sitting on the couch in our leisure wear, eating ice cream from the tub and watching Real Housewives. EITHER WORKS. 

Click through to see inspiring Instagrammers who will help you keep your resolutions:

Love Lizzy Williamson


Resolution: Get in Shape

Who: @lovelizzywilliamson

There are a ton of great trainers to follow on Instagram, but I like @lovelizzywilliamson because she gives you quick and easy exercises you can do right now. Like “stick the kids in high chairs and show them your best butt kicks” right now. Want her amazing abs? She has an insane 2 minute core workout that will get you on the road, although I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to walk the next day.


Resolution: Let Your Creativity Shine

Who: @cococakeland

One of my favorite parts of Instagram is getting to admire things I will never be able to do. Like making really amazing, colourful cakes that make roomfuls of kids scream with joy, a la @cococakeland. So much joy and fun.


Hair Romance

Resolution: Stop Wearing a Boring Ponytail All the Time

Who: @hairromance

First off, it has to be said: Christina @hairromance has AMAZING hair. She also generously shows you how to braid it, twist it up into easy updos, and even throw it into a messy bun. You have no excuses anymore for sporting a normal ponytail…


Resolution: Be Better with Money

Who: @smartcookiesmoney

After the holidays, I’m thinking it’s safe to say that money tops quite a few resolution lists (not mine, of course, because I very responsibly only shopped Boxing Day and Black Friday, so it was like the shops were paying me to shop). @smartcookiesmoney has honest advice, real stories of what’s worked for them and inspiration out the wazoo.


Resolution: Make a Difference

Who: @theshineproject

Here’s the thing about Ashley Lemieux, the woman behind The Shine Project and one of my all-time favourite Instagram feeds—she’s not trying to be inspirational and life changing, she just is. Her feed is full of behind-the-scene looks at her organisation, which helps employ inner city youth in the US (and sells very cool jewellery and apparel like the shirt above), peeks into her life with her two adorable kids and shares uplifting tidbits. Plus, on top of all this, she has seriously killer style. 

Stace Clare

Resolution: Learn How to Cook Healthy Meals for the Fam

Who: @a_healthy_mum

Every year I plan to learn to cook healthier, and every year I find myself staring down the barrel of a Domino’s pizza menu. This year @a_healthy_mum is going to change all that. A contributor here on Mumtastic, Stacey is an accredited health coach so she has the chops to back up her delicious looking recipes, and I’m here to tell you that I’ve tried several now and they were all a hit (plus, super-healthy, but no one seemed to notice—score!). 


Resolution: Laugh More

Who: @jengotch

I feel like trying to explain how hilariously quirky and fantastic @jengotch’s feed is is like trying to explain to my husband why I need a headband that says “Party Time.” You’re not going to really get it until you sink into its awesomeness and then you’re a convert forever.


Resolution: Appreciate Beauty

Who: @balletbeautiful

Is there anything more beautiful than a ballerina? Maybe a ballerina with a baby, but that’s it, I’m pretty sure. 


Resolution: Take Better Care of My Appearance

Who: @thebeyoutybureau

Listen, you don’t have time to keep your dishwasher unloaded, and you certainly don’t have time to research all the latest beauty brands, am I right? Which is why @thebeyoutybureau’s feed is such a lifesaver. She tells you what makeup brand she likes and why, and even goes in depth into her skin problems and how she’s fixing them. 


Resolution: Learn to Balance It All (ahahahahaha)

Who: @thespitfiremoms

@thespitfiremoms is a community of American working mums who lay out the real deets on what their everyday looks like. Featuring mums such as Oh Joy!, Elizabeth Messina, and Lucie’s List, it’s a behind-the-scenes look into how other mums are making it work (or not). They share tips for getting things done, talk about their struggles and give you hope that we’re all in this together. 

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