These Cool Mum Tees Tell It Like It Really Is

Since becoming a mum, I’ve learned that being comfortable is essential. When I’m not expected to look super-polished, t-shirts and leggings are my standard uniform. But let’s be honest: looking cute is just as important as feeling comfy. And for me, that means a tee with an honest message, a great style, and a fit that boosts my confidence. I love mum shirts with a positive vibe and unique messaging.

Raising two daughters, I want them to know that Mummy is confident and strong. That’s why I like to wear a t-shirt, in itself an empowering garment. Tees are comfortable enough to get us through our days with ease, you can toss them in the wash, and they’re functional for us mums who are constantly being climbed on (and used as a human napkin — or is that just me?). But our tees also say a lot about us and how we view the world. I like the words to be ones to live by — or at least ones to laugh at.

Ready to do some shopping? Check out this collection of cool mom-tees. Most of the pieces in this slideshow are designed by fellow mums, either working for themselves or a small retailer. And when you shop small, you’re supporting a family, not a big corporation. Talk about girl power!