The Last Lunch Box We’ll Ever Buy for Our Son

With so many options for packing kids’ lunches on the market these days, it took me a while to figure out which one was best for my kids. After an exhausting trial and error, I landed on the PlanetBox Rover for my son’s lunches, and it’s been such a fantastic set. The price at first is a little hard to swallow ($49.95), but my oldest son has been using his extensively, and it’s been great.


It comes with the following items:

  • the main lunch box
  • one small little dipper container
  • a large little dipper container

You can also add on a set of magnets to decorate your stainless steel lunchbox and a carrying bag for an extra cost. Because I haven’t yet found a carrying bag that fits this lunch box, I would recommend going this route. You get: 

  • a set of magnets (nineteen themes to choose from)
  • a carrying bag (seven colours to choose from)

The Rover holds up to 4 1/2 cups of food in five compartments, which is good for my son because he hates his foods to touch (which seems to be a big affliction lately amongst kids his age). The main box is not waterproof or airtight, but there are compartments included that are.


What I Love:

  • It’s stainless steel, so after a year of use it still looks new
  • It’s held up to a decent amount of abuse from my son
  • It’s not made from plastic
  • It’s dishwasher safe (bottom rack too)
  • There aren’t a million pieces to keep track of
  • My son loves to personalize his set with the magnets


I also like the design of the bag. It holds the Rover, ice packs, flatware, etc. well inside and has roomy outer pockets that can hold a water bottle or other beverage container. It is simple and easy to use overall.

What I Don’t Love:

  • The price is hard to swallow. It does seem expensive at the start. But when you take into account how long you can use it, that you don’t need to buy plastic bags or containers for lunch supplies, the price overall isn’t bad at all. 
  • The dipper containers can be hard for little hands to open. My preschooler usually needs help from a teacher (although this is the case with many lunch containers, I think).

I definitely think that this lunch box is great for kids in kindergarten and up but may be tricky for preschoolers.



I think that the PlanetBox Rover is a great lunch box option for kids and adults alike. While it may not be the best option for the littlest of hands (like preschoolers), my son loves it and will get use out of it for years, making it worth the price tag.

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