6 Apps For Math

Math. I learned it in school but I now find that I’m having to relearn forgotten skills as my children are getting older and their Math work becomes more advanced. Sometimes this mum just needs a little help, for both my children and myself, and apps can be a wonderful resource.


Math Bingo, Motion Math and Math Ninja (not shown) artfully combine math skills practice and FUN. MathBoard and Algebra Touch are terrific learning tools for older students and give them a chance to work things out for themselves, with a little bit of help when needed. KidCalc is perfect for those beginning in Elementary School and Numbers 1 to 20 gets to the very heart of Math itself: numbers and counting. Without a doubt the App Store has Math covered and that is a big relief to this mum.

  1. Math Bingo
  2. MathBoard for iPad
  3. Algebra Touch
  4. KidCalc 7-in-1 Math Fun
  5. Motion Math
  6. Numbers 1 to 20