6 Apps for Cinco de Mayo

It’s time to get ready for Cinco de Mayo and if you’re looking to spice up your festivities then you need look no farther than the App Store.


You’ll find oodles of recipes for authentic Latin dishes. If you need to brush up on your conversational Spanish then take a look a language app for a quick refresher course. What’s a party without music and dancing? I’ve found an app that allows you to stream radio stations from Mexico through your iPod Touch and iPhone. Finally, no Cinco de Mayo fiesta at my house is complete without a pinata. A virtual one might not have the same “bang” but it’s definitely less messy and as long as there’s candy from somewhere it will do in a pinch!

1. Cinco de Mayo Cookbook Presented by Adobe Grill 

2. Latin Recipe Shaker from Carnation 

3. Radio Mexico Live 

4. Too Cool Spanish 

5. iPinata 

6. Mexican Gourmet Recipes Pro