Top 10 Articles To Get You Off The Hamster Wheel Of Debt

Are you stuck in the hamster wheel of debt? Do you rob Peter to pay Paul or find yourself constantly shifting credit card balances as a short term solution?


Over the past few months, I’ve written a lot of articles for Mumtastic that can help you break this vicious cycle. Don’t think you are helpless or that you can’t overcome the odds. You can and it might not be as difficult as you think.

Here are my top 10 articles that will change the way you view your finances and set you on the path to financial freedom:

  1. Turn a Passion into Dollar Signs: Make Cash from Your Hobby-Earn some extra cash or even start your own business doing what you love!
  2. Making a Budget-3 Splurges You Should Include-What good is a budget if life is a bore?
  3. How to Eat Healthy on a Budget-Don’t let your financial goals keep you from leading a healthy lifestyle
  4. How to Combat Frugal Fatige– Because minding our pennies can be exhausting at times!
  5. 10 Things We Can All Learn from Extreme Couponing- Really, there is plenty to learn!
  6. Why You Should Be Playing the Pharmacy Game-Just about my favourite game in the world!
  7. Dress Your Kids for Less in 3 Easy Steps-We all want our little princesses and princes to look their Sunday best for less!
  8. 3 Important Steps Before You Shop Online-Don’t you dare shop online without reading this!
  9. 10 Things You Might Not Know About Shopping at the Grocery Store-A must read for anyone who ever steps foot into a grocery store!
  10. When is the Frugal Decision the Right Decision?-Is the answer always? Read it and find out!

Take your time and read through each of the articles. I hope they can inspire and enlighten you! Be sure to let me know your thoughts!