[VIDEO] Shopping Malls are Playing Jedi Mind Tricks on You to Get You To Buy

While we’re not surprised at all, we’re absolutely fascinated at this peek into how shopping malls are designed. This video by Hungry Beast shows us some of the mind-tricks that malls play on us to get us to BUY BUY BUY. Is this true of the inside of your local mall?


  • There are no clocks – this makes you lose track of time
  • You can’t see outside from within the inner portion mall – ditto to the above sentiment
  • The floor is tiled – and the music and noise within the halls bounces loudly
  • The lighting is harsh

Why? All these tactics make you want to go into a store as fast as possible, and escape the bustle. Once you step into a store, many times you’ll experience:

  • soft carpet
  • softer music
  • good lighting

All to make you feel comfortable!

You’ll love learning all of the shopping mall industry’s sneaky tips. Watch below:

Are you surprised by how shopping malls make you buy?

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Ozgur Guvenc / Shutterstock.com