10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Bigger Boys

I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet and that’s not like me at all. Usually I’m almost done and dusted by this time, but this year I just haven’t managed to get my act together. I’ve bought zip, nada, nothing, not a thing.

To say I’m feeling a little shaky about the situation is putting it mildly, mostly because I have seven, yes SEVEN, ‘bigger’ boys to buy for. You know – boys who are no longer little kids who like pretty much anything you give them, but who now have particular criteria for what’s ‘cool’ and ‘not cool’. Actually, they probably have a whole different word for ‘cool’ that I don’t even know about, which is why I’m feeling so shaky right now.


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If you’ve got a bigger boy to buy for, you will appreciate this list of awesomeness that Tessa from Down That Little Lane helped me put together. Not only is she a fellow mum-of-a-bigger-boy, she is also the kind of chick who just knows what to do in any given situation. All of these gifts she’s found would be dearly loved by any bigger boy and they will demonstrate their immense gratitude to you with a grunt and an annoying hair-flick.

More lifesaver gift ideas for Christmas:

Image: Navy Crockett