A Christmas Bucket List {Free Printable}

Our family is smack bang in the middle of the Christmas sweet spot. Our kids are still young enough to squeal every time they see a Christmas tree and old enough to know what it means. If I said to them, I’m going to hang out with you all day every day for the next month and we are going to play games and bake and go on adventures – they would be stoked.

I hear that this won’t exactly be the case forever so I have put together a Christmas bucket list for our little family. The likelihood of us completing all twenty items is about the same as me reaching my goal weight by Dec 31st but even if we only do 10 then that’s still a whole lot of memories made. I think a Christmas bucket list is a good way to remind myself to make time for simple family fun, even when we are being slammed by the festive season.


My Christmas bucket list

1. Take a train to the city to look at the big Christmas tree.

2. Put a gift under the local wishing tree for someone in need.

3. Write Christmas cards or letters with the kids and send them off.

4. Complete a random act of kindness advent challenge.

5. Have a Christmas movie marathon complete with popcorn and lollies.

6. Read Christmas books every night in December.

7. Make a gingerbread house whilst listening to carols.

8. Spend a 40 degree evening at the beach.

9. Teach the kids all about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries.

10. Put together a gift basket and donate it to a women’s refuge or someone else who is having a pretty crappy Christmas.

11. Make it snow in our house with paper snowflakes.

12. Go to a super cute shop (like this one) and let the kids pick a fancy decoration each.

13. Eat mangoes in the backyard.

14. Turn up the tunes and have a family disco.

15. Decorate the tree in our cozies while listening to Maria Carey’s Christmas album.

16. Put fairy lights all through the kids’ bedroom.

17. Clear out all the unused toys and donate them to the op shop.

18. Camp overnight in our back yard.

19. Take a beautiful portrait of the kids under our tree.

20. Drive around looking at Christmas lights until the kids fall asleep in their seats.

So there’s my Christmas bucket list – it just oozes fun, doesn’t it? Maybe it might be your bucket list too? Click the image below to download the list to get started at your place.

Christmas bucket list - Mumtastic

Add your own ideas to the list, circle the ones you’d like to try and off you go! Merry Christmas!

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