10 Shortcuts to Help You Host Easter With Ease

I’m a huge fan of a party and very big on Christmas, but I don’t really ‘do Easter’. It’s a bit like Halloween to me – something that just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year for no apparent reason whatsoever.

When I was a kid Easter meant suffering through the longest mass ever on Good Friday (presumably as a token towards the events of thousands of years ago), followed by a random Saturday, followed by more church-going and the promise of a chocolate egg of two from the Easter Bunny. But only if we were really good at church. Much like Santa, the Easter Bunny was all-knowing and hugely prejudice against spirited children.

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This year I’m hosting 30 people at our place for an Easter lunch. Exactly how this came about is anyone’s guess, but with the Italian relos booked in for a midday start, there is simply no backing out now. Cue mass-panic and hack-searching by me. This Easter thing is a whole new world, so I’m going for maximum impact with minimal bother. Here are ten things that are going to help me host Easter this year.

More Easter ideas:

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