11 Perfect Gifts for Him You Can Buy Online

Do you enjoy buying gifts for your husband? I don’t actually think I do. I LOVE buying pressies for everyone else, but gifts for him are really hard going. My husband tends to want super-expensive things like a Bose headphones set ($500) or a Ferrari 458 (even more than $500). Smaller gifts are a bit meh for him. I get that “thanks honey!” over-enthusiastic hug. You know the one.

So when I was scouring the Aussie internet for  great gift ideas for the men in our life, I was mindful of my own husband’s wish list and hopeful that your husband isn’t like that. LOL. I found things that I think I would like as a man and then I asked a few random fellas if they thought they’d like to receive them. “YES!” came the over-enthusiastic response. I am choosing to believe that they really do like them. Here goes nothing.


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More gifts you can buy online for the men in your life:

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