21 Things “Extra” Mums Do


It wasn’t until my eldest daughter (now three) was about a year old that I was informed about just how “extra” I was as a mum. You know, how over-the-top, ridiculously detailed, and bordering on downright crazy my need was to celebrate and show off that baby. Another kid later and I’m still going strong. From the outfits to the birthdays, the themed meals to the room decor, we do it big around here and I’m not embarrassed.

I’m sure I’ll get some raised eyebrows, mean comments, and a little bit of hate mail over this piece. But I’m going to give it to you straight: there was a time I thought I’d never have children, and I’ve been blessed with two. If I want to go all-out to make their childhoods amazing, I’m going to and no one and nothing can stop me. Well, okay, my bank account has stopped me a few times but other than that, there’s no containing my extra-ness.


And I’m definitely not alone. It takes under a minute on Pinterest or Instagram to pull up tons of other mums doing this extra thing. Decorating our tiny humans, making their spaces amazing, or plain old catering to their silly needs because we love them and we want to and that’s that. You can go ahead and call us extra: we already know we are and we’re fine with label. Here are 21 things “extra” mums get down with. And no we’re not sorry about any of it:

  1. Bows bigger than their heads.
  2. (Boys don’t get off easy — there’s a hat for every outfit.)
  3. All organic everything, down to the dang dish soap.
  4. $300 hair dryers. I thought I was a badass when my husband got me the Dyson for Christmas; only until I found out my friend bought one for her six-year-old a week later.
  5. Over-the-top birthday parties (including entire cakes that are created for no other purpose than to be smashed).
  6. Monthly milestone photos.

  7. Themes. Disney is a big one. Bonus points for multiple sets of Mickey ears.
  8. Actually, everything is an excuse for photos so let’s just hire a professional photog to come around every 3-6 months.
  9. Entire Instagram pages dedicated to baby’s wardrobe. (I totally have one #shamelessplug — you can check us out here).
  10. Speaking of wardrobes… they’re totally extra.

  11. Placenta art.
  12. Breastmilk jewellery.
  13. iPads for everybody!
  14. And monograms on everything.

  15. Putting a horn on a horse and calling it a unicorn because that had to happen. (See again: item 8)
  16. Notes in the lunches.
  17. All-out Bento Box lunches.
  18. Mummy & Me yoga… and barre class… and so on.
  19. Matching outfits. And swimmerss.

  20. School projects that take things to a level even the teacher wasn’t prepared for.
  21. Mini mani/pedis…because the only thing cuter than baby fingers and toes are ones that are decorated.