Foam Alive Will Provide The Kids With An Endless Amount Of Fun And Crafty Play!

The first thing I loved about Foam Alive was the texture. It had this silky, foamy feeling in my hands. The sensation kind of reminds me of the feeling of a squishy marshmallow.

This product provides great sensory play for the kids as they constantly pick it up and let it run between their fingers or roll it up into balls and different shapes. My 5 year old daughter Mia never gets sick of playing with Foam Alive and also loves feeling that silky texture between her fingers. Like mumma, like daughter I guess!

The eye popping colours that Foam Alive come in will immediately draw your child’s attention to them. Mia’s favourite colour is the purple one. The vibrant colours really catch their attention and engages them to play with Foam Alive. No prompting needed on your behalf which is great!

We got to play with the Foam Alive Make N Melt Ice Cream Kit and it was so much fun creating ice cream using different colours. Mia loves to use the ice cream scooper to scoop up the foam. She then chooses an ice cream mould and pours the foam into the mould. I usually hold one of the cones as she carefully puts the mould on top and voila we would get a pretty pink ice cream made from Foam Alive! Looking delicious enough to eat!

Foam Alive allows the kids to make various shapes and sizes. Mia likes to roll up the Foam Alive into a tight ball and bounce it off the table and it bounces back! She also likes to treat Foam Alive like cookie dough and will get the rolling pin and flatten out the Foam Alive and use my cookie cutters to make various shapes. She will pretend she Is baking cookies and will place a tray of Foam Alive into her own toy oven. I love that Foam Alive can encourage her to pretend play and use her imagination.

The fabulous thing about playing with Foam Alive is that it’s easy to clean up afterwards. You don’t have to worry about it sticking to your carpet or floor or staining your dining table. Once you have finished playing with it, I usually just grab a small ball of Foam Alive in my hand and roll it over all the other little pieces – whether it be on the floor or table. It simply sticks to each other making it super easy to clean up. Very little effort or fuss involved in the aftermath which is what you want to hear right?!

Available now at all major toy retailers!