Amazon Prime Driver Has Sweetest Reaction to Gesture of Thanks in Viral Video

Happiness can come in small packages with big feels like this past week when Karim Earl Reed III, an Amazon Prime delivery driver, was spotted on a Ring doorbell video having the sweetest reaction to finding a note of thanks from a customer Kathy Ouma that included complimentary snacks for the road.

Using her Ring doorbell surveillance feed Ouma posted a video of Reed’s reaction to her Facebook account where it has been shared more than 300K times and counting. It’s resonating with netizens everywhere and for good reason: Ouma put a kind gesture out into the world and Reed responded with unabashed pure joy. It is the epitome of what the holidays are all about.


In the video, Reed can be heard saying, “Oh, this is nice!” while checking out the snacks. “Ah, they got some goodies! Wow! Oh, this is sweet! Oh, wow, get out of here!”

Then, as he walks away, he breaks into the cutest dance. that we’re pretty sure will become the happy dance of 2019.

Leaving out snacks and notes of thanks for mail carriers and delivery drivers is not new but it is appreciated. I still remember as a kid back in the ’80s watching my mother bake cookies to go with a Christmas card that she tucked into our mailbox for the mailman. He always loved it and would stop to chat with us for a few minutes.

Men and women across the country work hard to get packages delivered through the holidays so taking a moment to stop and say thank you is especially sweet. Can you imagine the grueling hours and frenetic pace of trying to get online orders delivered before the holidays?

If you’d like to do the same. Try these tips:

  1. Print or handwrite a note of thanks and put it in a plastic sheath to keep it dry from the elements.
  2. Stick to snacks and treats that are not likely to cause allergies. Think individual bags of chips, crackers, chocolates, soft drinks or bottles of juice and water.
  3. If edible goodies aren’t an option try hand warmers, gift cards for coffee, or even a holiday card of thanks.

Happy holidays to Reed and Ouma! We can’t stop doing his happy dance, so sweet.