The Adorable New Interactive Toy That Top Of My Kids’ Christmas Wishlist

Well, it is that time of year again and with each and every trip to the shops with the kids, their Santa wish list gets longer and longer. This time the apple of their eye was Squeakee the Balloon Dog.

Squeakee is a cute little balloon dog who mesmerises children and adults alike. My kids were so excited and squealed with delight when they came home to find their very own Squeakee awaiting their arrival.


After the excitement of discovering Squeakee it was time to test out our new little balloon dog friend.

Squeakee does everything. He sits, begs, talks, walks, feeds, burps and so much more. My kids roared with laughter when Squeakee passed gas and went pee-pee.

Squeakee even comes with accessories including a pump, to feed.

One accessory is a squeaky toy. When you squeak once, he responds by sitting, twice he will beg and three times he is ready to play. The most amazing accessory is a pin. There is a hole in Squeakee and when you poke that hole with the pin, he collapses as if he is deflating. It is so much fun!

If your kids want a low maintenance pet, Squeakee is your guy this Christmas!