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The Top 12 Advent Calendars For Kids You Can Buy Now!

The countdown to Christmas is always so special for little ones, but busy parents often find themselves scrambling at the last minute to pick up festive details for around the house. Before the Elf situates himself on the shelf, and before the shopping is done and the gifts tied up with string, do yourself a favour and shop early for your child’s advent calendar this year!

Whether you choose a candy themed advent calendar that gives them a sweet treat every day of December leading up to Christmas morning, or one filled with toys and other trinkets, there are so many ways to ring in the season. And lots of this year’s most coveted advent calendars are in stores now, so get on today and check this item off your holiday to-do list.


The tradition of advent allows you to slow down as a family, discuss the season and your many blessings in life, and enjoy little surprises during an exciting time of year. On our list are also a couple of options that do not come pre-filled; these are open canvas advent calendars that you can load up with meaningful and special treats, toys, or activities for your little ones yourself, and then hold onto and reuse again in the years to come.

Here are our favourite advent calendars that you can buy now:

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