Georgia Mum and Her Six-Year-Old Initiate Kitten Rescue, Trapped in Storm Drain

On Christmas Day, six-year-old Mollie Moore was out for a stroll with her mum. Little did she know that their walk would become a Christmas kitten rescue. Hearing a meow, the pair began to investigate to find the creature. Eventually, they discovered the poor thing was trapped in a storm drain.

No one deserves to be trapped in a storm drain on Christmas. Least of all, a sweet, tiny, red-headed kitten. Thankfully, this mum and daughter duo jumped on the case, reports WGXA.


Operation Christmas Kitten Rescue

Right away, the Moores began knocking on doors in the neighborhood. They asked around until they came across one who was, in fact, missing a kitten — Simba. Apparently, the poor dear had been missing for four or five days.

“It would have died, if we hadn’t heard it,” Moore said.

Mum, daughter, and neighbour, all made several attempts to extract the kitten on their own. They tried lowering down sheets and rope but to no avail. If they were going to get this kitten out of harm’s way, they were going to need some help.

They called the Monroe County Fire Department, and within minutes, they had all the help they could possibly want. Even with the firefighter’s help, though, it was still an hours-long ordeal. Battalion Chief Harper told WGXA that “there would have been no way to get the cat out” without their help.

Over those hours of the firefighters cutting into the drain, the kitten’s meows only grew weaker. All the Moores, and their neighbour, could do was watch and wait.

Eventually, though, Simba would be lifted free of the storm drain, checked out, and returned to his family. All because one mum, and one brave little six-year-old, didn’t just keep walking. They sacrificed their Christmas to save a helpless kitten.

That’s what Christmas is all about.

What do you think about this kitten rescue? Would you have sacrificed your Christmas to help a little kitten out of a drain? Let us know in the comments below.