5 Eco Smart Ways to Remove Snow and Ice

The removal of snow and ice from walkways and driveways is a tedious and unwelcome job for many.


As the wintery weather rages on, it’s something we can’t ignore. Many conventional snow and ice removal products contain toxic chemicals. If used, these chemicals will end up tracked into our homes on the bottom of shoes and boots. They will also end up in our waterways once the snow and ice begin to melt.

Here are a few smart ways to remove snow and ice this winter.

Don’t use salt to melt ice

Salt will melt the ice but…it’s not so eco-friendly.

  • Salt can hurt our pets if it gets lodged in their paws.
  • Salt can leach heavy metals, which will run into our waterways.
  • It can kill our flowers, grass, and wildlife.
  • Salt can damage our cars and trucks.

Don’t use ash or kitty litter

Kitty litter doesn’t melt the ice; it only provides traction on the surface. It will pollute our waterways and is very messy to clean up once everything melts in the spring.

Eco-friendly ways to keep your driveways and footpaths free of ice and snow

  1. Use an old fashioned ice chopper and some muscle power to break up the ice.
  2. Be sure to use a back-saver shovel to protect your back.
  3. Shovel early, before the snow turns to ice.
  4. Use an eco-friendly ice-melt product—but use it sparingly. Read the ingredient list and make sure the product is safe for use around your family and pets.
  5. If you use a snow blower, consider buying an electric and replace that old gas guzzler.

Let it snow!

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