15 Simple Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for Clean Freaks

My husband always tells me to “clean as you go.” This advice has proved to be very wise, but especially when it comes to the kitchen. We use our kitchen all-day-every-day to prepare and eat food. It gets dirty, greasy and gross in a hurry. And when I think about it, the kitchen’s the place where we’re often consuming our food too, and the last place I want mess and germs to live.

And so, I keep ours clean. Super clean.


After looking around one day and saying, “there is literally not one spot in this kitchen that is clean right now,” I went on a mission to pick up some kitchen cleaning hacks. Here are my 15 favourite:

1. Always fill up the sink with soapy water anytime you start cooking.

Then wash the dishes as you cook, and by the time you’re done cooking, the majority of the dishes are done. You’ll also find yourself using the soapy water while the food is cooking to wipe off counters, cabinets, drawers and the fridge.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks
2. Store your meat in the fridge on top of a baking sheet.

This way, no drips or contamination stays in the fridge and migrates to other food.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks

3. Scrub your sink with a kitchen scrubber.

I once read that the germiest place in your kitchen is the kitchen sink. And I believe it! Think of all the stuff that ends up in there. Chicken juice, residue from dirty handwashing, dirty dishes, etc. Not to mention the drain part of the sink…ewwwwww. Keep it clean and sanitised by giving it a good scrub down with some steel wool or other abrasive cloth. Use your regular kitchen cleaner, or for a cheap alternative, sprinkle the sink with bicarb then spritz down with vinegar and scrub while the mix foams.

4. Use foil to line your pans before roasting vegetables.

Then when you’re done cooking, ball up the foil and throw it in the recycle bin. This will keep your pans looking nicer too.

5. If you buy oil in a big jug like I do, you’ll want to set it on an old ice cream container lid.

This prevents drips in the bottom of your cupboard or pantry.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks
6. Place your container of vanilla on top of a cupcake liner.

This will catch the drips and keep the bottom of your cupboard from getting grimey.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks
7. Put an oven liner mats in the bottom of your oven.

That way when food bubbles over you won’t be left with a baked-on mess. Just remove the mat after the oven has cooled, and rinse it off. You can also line the bottom of your oven with aluminium foil for much the same effect.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks
8. Before you put something in the fridge, quickly wipe the shelf space down.

This will do wonders for keeping your fridge clean and clear of drips from bottles of dressing, sauces, salsa, etc.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks
9. Use a liner when using your slow cooker.

How many times have you thought, “I’m going to make my life easier and use the slow cooker?” Then at the end of the night you’re scrubbing that crock down forEVER. Use a slow cooker liner for quick and easy cleanup.

10. Store several garbage bags in the bottom of your garbage cans.

There’s always one right there to swap in quickly and easily. No more searching for one while the kids throw their used banana peel in the bottom of an unlined rubbish bin! Grrrrrr…

11. Use cover lids in your microwave.

That way when you warm up leftovers or melt butter it’s not splattering over the entire microwave.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks
12. Place your honey bear/jar in a plastic cup.

That way the sticky honey won’t get all over the bottom of your cupboard.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks
13. Line your baking sheets with baking paper.

Your baking will cook more evenly, and you won’t be stuck with a mess to clean up.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks
14. Use removable plastic containers (you can buy these at the discount shop) to store your silverware.

It makes cleaning the bottom of your drawer a lot easier. And when you have a crowd to serve, you can just grab your container of forks and have it handy on the counter.

My Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Clean Freaks
15. Clean your blender by filling it half full of warm water and a drop of dishwashing liquid.

Put the lid on and blend for a few seconds. This is much easier (and safer) than trying to clean those blades at the bottom of the blender.

More cleaning tips to get the job done faster:

Images: Karen Petersen