11 Space Saving Life Hacks for a Chic Closet

At least once a year, I attempt to tackle the mess that is is wardrobe. Unlike my own, I’ve found that it’s easy to sort, organise and store my kids’ clothes, shoes and accessories. Their clothing fits into one of three categories: school, church and play. Of course, there are some special items, like Scout uniforms, dance leotards, and soccer gear, but those are easy enough to put in an “extracurricular” section of their drawers.

When it comes to my stuff, it’s hard to purge display, and organise everything. My walk-in robe is like a hallway with a door on the end. Sure, I can walk in it, but it’s narrow and long. The layout just seems cramped no matter what configuration I use to sort my dresses, shoes, jeans and tops. Then there’s jewellery, hats, scarves and belts. Just thinking about it sparks my daydream of turning our spare bedroom into a huge, Cribs style (Does that show still exist?!?) luxury closet. Like, an Oprah Winfrey/Mariah Carey situation is what I’m envisioning. Since that’s probably not going to happen, I thought it was high time to whip my small walk-in into shape once and for all. I’ve rounded up eleven space saving life hacks to help me do just that, without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Try these other organising ideas: