How We Stay Organised In The Morning (& Get To School On Time)

People always ask me how I get three boys to school on time every day and here’s how: I sit in the corner and cry! No! Just kidding…kind of. I’m not gonna lie; it’s always a bit stressful but here’s the thing: By following a few strategies that I’ve developed over time, it is possible to keep all of us organised (& sane) on school mornings. Hopefully what works for us will help you, too.


1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. I know it’s tough to follow a schedule because life happens, but making an effort to do so helps to make mornings (and yes, bedtime!) run more smoothly. Trust me.


2. Organise uniforms in advance. At the end of every weekend, I fill one pillowcase per school day with an outfit (everything from underwear to socks) and then add in the uniform components as we go. This system works great because it gives me time to check the calendar and plan for theme days (like pyjama day or crazy hair day). I fold the cases up, put them all in the drawer, and then the boys have everything they need to get dressed each day on their own.


3. No venturing downstairs until you’re ready. Now, obviously, this won’t work for my littlest kid who is 4 years old. My two older boys, ages 8 and 10, however, are totally capable of getting themselves dressed. So, the rule in our house is you’re not allowed to come downstairs until you’ve brushed your teeth, gotten dressed, and made your bed.


4. Prep lunches ahead of time. Every Sunday I organise the things we’ll need for school lunches (from lunch snacks to making little love notes), so that all the items are in one place. I make two days’ worth of sandwiches at a time (otherwise, they get a little soggy) then gather some of their other favourite snacks. In the morning I quickly put all of the items together in their lunch sacks. I’m telling you, my friends, this shortcut is a little morning miracle!


5. Store cut up fruit in the fridge. My boys usually want a frozen waffle or toast for breakfast. I stopped trying to fight them on it years ago. Instead, I store cut up fruit in th fridge, so I can easily add something healthy to their breakfast. Simple, quick, and I feel like a better mum.


6. Use bulletin boards to stay organised. I’m ALL about this one. I have one bulletin board for things to keep (like dinner recipes or flyers for school events) and another one by the back door to hold papers that have to go back to school. The visual reminder really helps!


7. Create a backpack landing pad. The power of a hook! I’m sure there are far more sophisticated ways of organising backpacks, but by adding a couple of hooks to the back door, we are able to keep the chaos in check. The boys know to hang their bags up as soon as they get home from school and I know where to find them to go through paperwork and homework. It’s super simple and a huge time saver!

Images: The Chic Site by Rachel Hollis