Schedule a Family Photo Shoot for Mother’s Day: Ideas & Inspiration

Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks! It’s such a wonderful day for me as a mum: It’s an extraordinary twenty-four hours where we celebrate family, love, my kids and all other mums around the world, too! One way I like to spend time with my family on Mother’s Day is with a professional photo shoot. It is such a fun way to get the gang all together and take some cute photos. It’s the one day where my family has to smile for the camera because I want them to!

Today I am sharing some of my favourite Mother’s Day photo shoot inspiration, from location to outfits.

I hope you enjoy this family photo shoot inspiration, and happy early Mother’s Day to you all! 

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Head to the beach in ethereal outfits


Image via Inspired by This 

This mama and her little girl are absolute beach beauties! Wearing cream/blush colours gives a perfect contrast to the sand and ocean.

Have the whole fam go boho


Image via Inspired by This 

Flower Girls: Too cute! How amazing are those big, bright, matching flower crowns?! Perfect for a joyful photo shoot!

Relax at home in your comfiest clothes


Image via Inspired by This

Home gives you a more relaxed setting. This mother-son duo is adorable! Hop on the couch, wear matching coloured outfits and just have fun. 

Go on a picnic


Image via Inspired by This

Enjoy the day and sun outside with a nice picnic! It makes a wonderful setting for some candid pics.

More photo shoot inspiration: