9 Spooktacular Ways To Surprise Your Neighbours This Halloween

I’ll admit it. I am that mother. Shortly after delivering my daughter, I exclaimed to my husband, “Halloween just got even better!” I’m really enthusiastic about the holiday, and I like to include our neighbours and friends in on the fun!

The “you’ve been boo’d” Halloween tradition is one that’s been around for a while in the US, but is picking up steam in Australia too (especially due to everyone’s obsession with Pinterest). In its simplest form, you anonymously give someone a card with the note “you’ve been boo’d!” or “you’ve been ghosted!” and, of course, include a delicious treat. Within the card, encourage your friend or neighbour to keep the tradition going, anonymously leaving a “you’ve been boo’d!” treat on a neighbour’s doorstep. It’s kind of like chain mail, but more delicious than annoying.

Whether you’ve just moved to the neighbourhood or you’re looking for new ways to surprise and delight your neighbours, these are my favourite simple and fun ideas for “boo”ing your street. After all, surprising people with treats is never a bad idea. Soon, your whole street will be wondering who boo’d whom!

Check out the ideas in the slideshow.

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