11 Absolutely Amazing Family Costume Ideas For Halloween

The family that trick-or-treats together… racks up a ton of sweets! I’m not kidding. When our entire family dresses up, the amount of lollies we get is exponentially greater than when only the kids don a cute getup. People love answering the door to find a family that put forth a coordinated effort to make the night festive. They’re willing to reward your efforts with an extra fistful or two of goodies. Bring it on, I say!

Some years, my husband and I both go out with the kids. Other years, one of us stays home to hand out sweets to the neighbourhood kids. Don’t worry. I’ve rounded up family costume ideas to fit your family situation no matter what the circumstances. Single parent ideas? I got you. A full brood roaming the ‘hood? Yeah, I’ve covered those bases, too. If you having serious sewing skillz, great. If you don’t, don’t worry. There’s something for every family in this curated collection of family Halloween costumes.

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