DIY Window Box Garden for Succulents

I am the worst at keeping house plants alive. And I’m a renter. Neither of those things really allows me to grow the dream garden I’d like. But I found a way to do a little planting in the space that I do have and in a way that is pretty low maintenance: a window box garden for succulents! Succulents are perfect for plant-killers like me because they take very little maintenance and water to keep alive. They look great and are so on trend as well. And you can make this window box garden regardless of how little space you have as a renter or city dweller. Bonus points—this is super easy to make with your kiddos, too, and they’ll love helping with the planting. (My five year old helped me plant mine.)

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  • a variety of succulents 
  • potting soil
  • gardening shovel
  • rectangular container (I used a vintage mini drawer.)
  • water


Step 1: Fill your container about halfway with potting soil to start.

Step 2: Plan where you want each succulent. Mix heights, sizes, colours and styles for the best look. Buying a variety of succulents is important.

Step 3: Remove one succulent from its plastic container, separate the bottom of the dirt/roots a bit with your fingers, and plant it on one end of the rectangular container. Put it down a bit into the potting soil, and then, using your shovel, fill the area around the succulent with more potting soil.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 for each new succulent until you’ve filled your container.

box filled with dirt

planting a diy succulent garden

window box succulent garden

You will want to give the succulents some water. Succulents like to have their roots soaked but dry up quickly. So you’ll want to give them a good water, but water infrequently (no more than once a fortnight in winter, less if they get less sun). And be sure to put them in a place where they can get as close to six hours of sunlight per day as possible.

mantle decor with succulent garden and silhouettes

I put mine on my mantle where I have a window on each side and a big bay window on an adjoining wall, so there’s lots of morning sunlight and it lasts throughout the day. And about six weeks in, my window box garden is still alive and going strong.

Happy planting!

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Photos: Chandra Fredrick