Crazy-Cool Tech Gifts for Your Sweetie this V-Day

Trust me: Your significant other does not require another bottle of perfume/cologne or a heart-shaped box of chocolates. And although flowers are beautiful, they won’t last for long. These tech-based gifts, on the other hand, are sure to make this a Valentine’s Day to remember. I’ve tried out a slew of tech related gifts from apps to experiences and have rounded out my top five faves.

Here are the best tech Valentine’s Day gifts of 2015:


Zeel – a massage for two in your own home


image: Getty/Slobodan Vasic

Consider this the best personalized beauty treatment I’ve ever experienced. Offering spa-like tranquility in the comfort of your own home, Zeel is an app that allows users to book 60- or 90-minute Swedish or deep tissue massages on demand. Specify your preference for a male or female therapist, choose a date and time, and Zeel will confirm your appointment with a licensed, vetted professional within minutes.

The whole process couldn’t be easier—and the massage itself is simply a dream. Our therapist provided a top-notch Swedish massage as gentle new age music played in the background, applied soothing hot pads to tense areas, and used wonderfully scented aromatherapy oils to set the mood. Tip: Book a couple’s massage for an unforgettable experience you can share together.

Zeel currently serves New York City Metro, Miami-Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay areas (with more coming soon). Prices vary based on location. App is available for iOS and Android.

Memeoirsmake a book containing your emails, Facebook chats or WhatsApp messages and photos


Anyone who is anyone seems to have a meme these days. But a Memeoir? That’s another story—one based on your own internet history of emails, Facebook messages, and WhatsApp conversations. Capture a special electronic moment with your significant other, and Memeoirs transforms it into book form. The rendering is a beautiful depiction of modern-day love, made even more special in an era where letter writing has become something of a lost art.

Select a time period during which you had an especially memorable chat with your special someone online. Memeoirs does all the work from there, organising the messages into a chronological book broken down into chapters. You can even create a cover of your own. (Bonus: The entire operation is automatic, meaning no one will ever read the saucy messages between you and your love.)

Memeoirs offers a paperback for $40, a hardcover for $60, and a digital format for $15. Hard copies ship for free via regular post or FedEx.

Animoto – make a pro video capturing your romance on the cheap 

Not everyone has a knack for video production, but Animoto resolves to bring access to high quality videos with its intuitive service. The concept is thoughtfully designed: Create a pro-level video using your pictures and videos, add some background music of your choice, and voila—you’ve got yourself your own personal Academy Award contender. While you may not be hitting the red carpet anytime soon, chances are that your recipient will adore seeing pictures of the two of you together brought to life so artistically.

It really is as simple as it sounds; the most difficult part may well be narrowing it down to just a few select images. Plans range from the free Lite package (which includes thirty seconds of video) to Plus ($5/mo. for ten minutes) to Pro ($39/mo. for twenty minutes).

Cuff – the future has arrived with smart jewellery


I’m having a major Jetsons moment here. Jewellery for the new millennium has really caught on in recent months. Of course, it’s only fitting that the newest inventions are more than just your average pieces of eye candy. Smart jewellery is equipped with all kinds of functional mechanisms that alert the wearer to incoming phone calls and text messages. It’s a sign of the times, and Cuff has the right idea. The company combines the beauty of a chic cuff bracelet with the intelligence of a computer. Wearable technology has never looked this good!

Cuff is available to pre-order in limited quantities for its initial production, with prices starting at $49. The devices can be synced to both iPhones and Android phones.

Smartphone Projector – turn your phone into your entertainment center


You’ve got your favourite YouTube videos. You’ve uploaded a few home movies meant for no one else to view. And you probably wish you could see all of it on a much bigger screen. The Smartphone Projector ($27) is designed to show off the contents of your phone’s tiny screen on a wall. Just place the phone in the device and enjoy an in-home movie night—just the two of you.

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