Tech This Mama Can’t Live Without: Boostcase Power Review

I used to be that person whose iPhone died three times a day. Between work and social media and constantly taking photos and videos of my kids, I’m out of juice by 10:00 AM. And I’m often on the go and not able to charge my phone. I tried a couple of those mini battery boosters that you plug in to the bottom of your phone, but they never worked consistently (if at all). And then, I tried Boostcase.


Boostcase changed my iPhone life. I almost never have a dead phone since I started using it, and for me that is a big deal. There are some things I love about it, and a couple of things I don’t. But overall I definitely think it is a busy mum tech lifesaver! Side note: I used Boostcase with my iPhone 5, but they are now available for iPhone 6 as well. Keep reading for my Boostcase Power review!

The Good

I love that the battery booster fits onto your phone case, instead of plugging in to the base of your phone. It means you can actually use your phone while it is charging. And it comes in lots of great colours. I have the blush, but I also love the gold one. It is easy to get on and off your phone and can still fit into your handbag or pocket when charging.

The Boostcase also really does boost your battery life. If the Boostcase is fully charged, it will charge your phone battery fully in about thirty minutes, and there is still juice left for a partial charge another time. Yes, you do need to plug the battery pack in and charge it after every one or two uses. I just do it every night before I go to bed, and then it’s ready when I need it.

The Bad

When you don’t have your battery boost on, you stil have the base cover on that the battery connects to, so say goodbye to your cute iPhone covers. Not that big a deal since they come in cute colours, but I know lots of us love our iPhone covers. And when you’re charging with the pack attached, the phone is a bit heavy for one handed texting and photo taking. It just takes a little getting used to. But these things are a small price to pay for a great battery booster and never having a dead phone battery.

One thing I was disappointed with is the Boostcase’s ability to take a hit. I dropped my phone with the case on one time, and a big piece chipped off the top, near the camera lens. The case and battery both still work fine, but it isn’t the strongest protection for your phone in the event of dropping (which happens a lot when you have small children).

The Verdict

Overall, I find the value the Boostcase provides me on a daily basis—having a working and charged phone—far outweighs the downsides. Until they (or someone else) improves the downsides, it is definitely tech this mumma can’t live without!

Buy the Boostcase here at Nordstrom

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