11 Essential Apps For Photo-Obsessed Mums (& Aren’t We All?)

I just looked at my phone and I have 2,763 photos in my photo stream, which I’m thinking makes me a bit of a photo-obsessed when it comes to my kids (or at least one that needs to learn how to clean out her photos). But, I don’t even care I barely have any memory left because I love those photos so much. I love taking them and then looking at them when I have a few seconds in line at the supermarket; I love sharing them with my family and friends; I love printing them out (fine, very occasionally), and marvelling at how much the kids have grown and how much we’ve done together.

That little phone holds a world of memories and good times in it, which, of course, then need to be organised, backed up, prettied up, and shared, all of which can be overwhelming and time-consuming if you don’t have the right apps. Fortunately, I also happen to be really into photo apps. From quick editors that take photos from blah to stunning, to set-it-and-forget-it auto backup tools, download these photo apps stat (that is, if you can spare the room on your phone). Check them all out in the slideshow.

Some tips for taking better pics: